Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fred Phelps has died- Let the party Start!

Everyone is invited to protest the funeral of Westboro Baptist Church “Cult Leader” Fred Phelps. Protesters are welcome to bring a full bladder and urinate on his grave directly after the service or during the service. Make sure and have a video camera available to capture this joyous event to remember the life of Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Cult. As ol’ Freddy always said “God Hates Fags” lets show him and his family that Americans Hate Fred Phelps. Sure there will be some angry inbreeds from the cult talking about their “rights” but once the Sheppard is in the dirt the sheep will go back to their farms somewhere in the backward wasteland of middle America waiting for Ol’ Freddy’s ghost to spread the word of God… by proving that all natural disasters being caused by Butt Sex.

I guess after being “butt plowed” as a young man Fred Phelps took his message to the world thinking it would change the fact that he probably liked it. Although he liked it he needed a firm platform to scare others in to follow and so he decided to blame all the world's problems on his kinky fetish? What better way to spread your idiotic message than at a funeral! Grieving families, pain and suffering of loved ones while an elderly freak obsessed with “Anal Love” and some inbreed followers holding signs squealing about the end of the world. Why not have a massive party when Fred Phelps Dies? A party complete with a gay circus, noise makes and all the free beer you can drink (this will ensure everyone can be ready to piss on his grave when the time is right).

I bet even Siegfried and Roy could reunite together in homosexual tiger pants for this special occasion. We could even round up small children and put signs in their hands that say shocking things, what an original concept. The funny part is the children are too little to know what the sign says, but damn it will be funny and shocking! (don’t forget shocking) So, come one come all to the Fred Phelps Funeral! I will personally donate $10,000 USD to anyone who can make their way to the coffin, open the coffin and “Tea Bag” Pastor Phelps. It is only fitting that a man who spent most of his life letting worthless things come out of his mouth has a freshly shaven man sack in his mouth before his body is laid to rest. ($5,000 USD for a “Dirty Sanchez” or “Dirty Phelps” as it will be known from now on”.    

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